Tuesday, December 29, 2009

somewhere a knife.

somewhere a sharp knife cuts into the side of an orange.
somewhere the song of a piano plays an unrecognizable chorus.
somewhere someone is looking for something but can't find it.
somewhere questions are left unanswered.

snow falls on the trees and blankets the ground.
it resembles a peacefulness that is strangely unobtainable to many.

the blanket of peace comes up short and my feet are cold.

doesn't it make you feel good? to be lost? and cold? and without answers?

somewhere a dull knife splits an apple; core and seeds now exposed.
somewhere the frosting has been licked off of the cupcake.
somewhere an instrument is being tuned to the wrong key.
somewhere a truck passes by on the interstate; as does life.

there is no time for rest. no slowing down.
the snow does not stop coming down - while discontent and frustration freezes the soil.

the blanket of chaos dulls the luster and smothers the fire of life.

doesn't it make you feel good? to be lost? and dreary? and without answers?

somewhere a dirty knife penetrates the heart of a pomegranate as the full passion of life is discovered.
somewhere a solution is dancing wildly on the horizon.
somewhere a melody is filling the air with truth.
somewhere rescue is coming.

snow falls on cedars, compelling shelter to be sought.
the warmth of the fire within burns brightly and melts away frozen souls.

the blanket of hope comforts the whole.

doesn't it make you feel good? to be lost? and warm? and without answers?

waiting and hoping and seeking...

1 comment:

Jen said...

why a dirty knife?
nice thoughts...
love you!