Monday, April 26, 2010

rambling of randomness.

a facebook status update has been circulating as of late. basically it wishes our president dead. even worse, it's a 'prayer'. some might say "it's just a joke" - but it's not funny... and why some 'conservative christians' would post this boggles my mind. if you don't like the man's views, opinions or policy, fine. wishing him dead? not fine. might i suggest following Jesus first - before political affiliation? oh how things would change if more of those who 'claim' Christianity as their faith would follow Jesus first.

speaking of Obama - he had a sit down with Billy Graham this weekend.

before sending out Forwards via e-mail - remember: it's important to check the facts first. is a good source to check. Here's the latest one i received. again - it was proven false.

why do i care that an email forward was being sent around and it was false?

No matter what one's political views may be - i feel that as Christians we have a higher calling to follow Christ first. with that comes the commands to love God and love people. also, we are called to love our enemies. (see Luke 6:27, Matthew 5:44, Matthew 22:36-40). with that - i think we should strive to spread words of truth. participation in the spreading of misinformation does not line up with the teachings of Jesus. we may at times do so inadvertently - just remember, most of the Forwards that are spread throughout the internet are false.

some may not see eye to eye with our current presidential administration. they have a right to speak out for that which they disagree with - but remember what Woodrow Wilson once said: "every man has a right to his own opinion - but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts."

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