Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 Mile Fun Run

jen and i ran in the annual Louisville YMCA 2 Mile Fun Run.
it went very well. the weather was a bit muggy - but beautiful. i ran my fastest time (in a race). i finished in 15:55 / 7:58 pace. it felt really good - and i was thankful i was able to overcome the mental anguish that usually comes when i hit the big hill with a 1/4 mile to go. I was 20th overall.

i got 2nd in my age group and even got a medal. ha! alas - there were only 4 men running in the 35-39 age bracket. good odds!

Jen did well, too. Was 33rd overall and the 10th woman to cross the finish line. she is a bit upset - seeing that had the race been a week ago - when she was still 29 (she turned 30 last week) she would have been 1st in her division. but she did really good and we both really enjoyed it.

here are some pictures. note the picture of me passing an 8 year old on the final stretch before the finish line. i felt a little bad about it... but when i saw that i could finish under 16 minutes, i took off.

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