Sunday, June 20, 2010

the lost journal entries:

i've collected and filled (some partial, some entirely) a handful of journals over the years. most of the journals are used for brainstorming. lately, i've been looking through some of them. i figured i'd take a picture of some entries and then blog about it. so this is thus the 1st of 'lost journal entry' posts.

this is what a few of my journals look like.
(click to enlarge)

i've always enjoyed doodling, abstract writing, brainstorming and dreaming. that is why the pen was invented... to bring imagination to the page.

sometimes (more often than not) the inspiration seems utterly useless. sometimes a hidden gem lies hidden on the page.

sometimes the words and drawings and scribbles are merely chaotic. somehow - i am able to comprehend it all. sometimes i forget what my original intent was. regardless, the chaos on the page, at times, has brought about something magical.

(click to enlarge)
this chaotic mess makes sense to me. it was an outline for a message i preached at a youth camp last summer. the title was 'free your mind'.

each of the boxes represents a segment of my talk. thus - the most unorthodoxed outline. there is nothing linear about it.

ironically, as chaotic as this journal entry is, my talk was about how to connect with God through the freeing of our mind - of stress, chaos and the busyness of life.

sometimes i just draw random things. they don't mean anything. they just are what they are.

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this are some random drawings of televisions. maybe there is some subliminal significance to these simple drawings. or not.

i think i may attempt to upload and post some more of my random lost journal entries.

stay tuned.

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