Thursday, June 24, 2010

the lost journal entries: the demon possessed man

i rewrote the story of the Demon Possessed Man for a worship service last September on the theme of Brokenness. i scribbled it out on to a few journal pages first...

here is what it says:
the story about the Demon Possessed Man found in Mark ch. 5:1-20

I come from the region of the Gerasenes. I had been living in the tombs (with dead people)... i was in hiding. No one wanted to be around me. Some said i was crazy. They tried to chain me - but i'd always bust out. No one was strong enough to contain me.

Night and day i would cry out. i swear, i had these evil spirits in me. a whole group of them. i was out of control. i'd yell. scream. i even cut myself.

then, out of nowhere, this guy, Jesus shows up. when i saw him, i ran to him - fell at his feet.

"What do you want from me, Jesus?" "Don't torture me! Please Help me!!!"

i told Jesus my name was Legion.

There were abut 2000 pigs in a smelly field nearby.

These demons in me then begged Jesus "Send us to those pigs over there."

Then the evil spirits were cast out of me and into those pigs.

Then all of those pigs rushed down the hillside and into the lake and drowned. All of them.

Man was that pig farmer mad. the whole town was mad.

There i was, clothed and in my right mind, healed by Jesus.

The people - mad about the pigs - asked Jesus to leave. I wanted to leave with Him but he told me to go and preach to the people of Gerasenes.

I'm the demon possessed man and this is my story.

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