Thursday, January 12, 2006

thoughts on the word upset

i was writing an article for about the movie Glory Road... it got me thinking about the term 'upset' FYI: Glory Road is about Texas Western's upset of Kentucky in the 1966 National Championship game.

p.s. the article will be published MONDAY... so check check check it out.

the word UPSET (in relation to sports) derived in an interesting way...
(i was going to put some of this in my article - but i couldn't find a way for it to fit...)

Upset is a term used when referring to a competition, often in politics or sports. When an upset occurs, the person or team expected to win the competition is defeated by an underdog, defying the conventional wisdom. The sporting reference to the term was coined after a horse named "Upset" beat incredible odds to win the 1919 Sanford Memorial Stakes against the legendary Man O' War, after the latter endured an uncharacteristic poor start. Upset’s victory proved to be the only defeat for Man O’ War, known affectionately in his home state of Kentucky as ‘Big Red’. if you've Ever been to Kentucky, Lexington, in particular, you would know that Man O' War is a revered hourse. There is a major 4 lane highway that runs a cirdle around the city named after him. Also, there is a statue of him in a park downtown.

Interesting stuff that the term Upset that is now widely used in sports came about in this manner.

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