Monday, January 16, 2006

what a weekend

crazy i tell ya.

first off, i was at this weekend retreat with my youth group (i'm the Youth Director) where the speaker didn't show up. turns out he was told the wrong date... but we asked someone else to step in at the last minute and it worked out wonderfully.

i went bowling... bowled a 111.

after getting little sleep @ the retreat, i came home just in time sunday afternoon to see the Steelers defeat the Colts in one of the best playoff games ever. and the refs tanked a number of calls, that is for sure.

add to this that my wife was sick all weekend and i was gone... i feel a bit guilty but she has assured me that i owe her big time. turns out she has tonsilitis. we spent the afternoon at StatCare because our family doctor's office, when called to get Jen an appointment, said that she wasn't a client, even though she's gotten perscriptions from them and had two babies with that doctor as the primary physician and let alone the fact that she transfered all of her medical records to Dr. Tabb before our son was born three years ago. needless to say we will be changing physicians.

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