Tuesday, April 11, 2006


i wasn't born yet in 1966. i imagine life was simple then. i imagine it was much the same as today only without portable phones and iPods.

i imagine that teenagers rebeled. they probably chewed lots of gum.

i imagine that there were nerds and dorks and lots of people probably wore glasses with thick black rims. what a wonder contacts are to the world of today.

there were probably a lot more convertable cars. i don't know why, but it seems like a lot of old cars were convertables.

i imagine gasoline was cheap. and Coke came in a bottle. life was probably a lot cooler becuase life was retro before it knew it was retro.

WICR, 88.7, the school radio station of the University of Indianapolis probably played Elvis and the Beatles & Simon & Garfunkel & Bob Dylan. or maybe they played Jazz like they do today.

life was filled with adventure, i am sure. drag racing or toga parties or performing science experiments that would change history were probably the norm.

hamburgers no doubt tasted better. i mean they were new. pizza was probably better too. mom and pop diners ruled while chain restaraunts were relatively new. milkshakes were most definately served with the big metal tin next to the glass.

life was better because hind sight is 20/20. and even though i wasn't there i wish i was. for no other reason than to be around, living in a different culture - to experience what it was like to hear the sounds of rock and roll first. to eat and smell a hamburger on the grill first. to ride with the top down on my way to school, with my pants pegged and my hair greased back.

o.k. so i may be mixing decades but it doesn't matter. i wasn;t there so what do i know?

life was simpler - but if i were there i am sure i would believe it to be complex and cumbersome.

1966. a year. 4 score in the past. maybe truth was more defined then. maybe glasses were better because they were thicker. maybe radio was better because it was AM. and maybe life in Texas was better because AM radio sounds better in Texas.

1966. years removed from JFK's assasination... years away from MLK's. life happened before their eyes... everything was new. what would i give to live in a lifetime like that.


Tim said...
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Jen said...

cool thoughts- i always wonder what it would have been like to live way back.

Matt (B-I-L) said...

That is great to think about. I have also always wondered about life in the past, and have never really looked at it from the point of view I just read from you. I would also like to have been there to experience all these things for the first time. Be there when noone took life for granted. Kids would be playing outside until dinner and not have to worry about everything youth of today do. There would be real family dinners all of the time and you would sit around actually enjoying the conversations with one another. Sundays noone would work. It was still a day of relaxation. Fishing would be an every day thing. Man, to be alive back in 1966...