Thursday, April 20, 2006

Charlie X

last nite, while flippantly flipping channels i stumbled across an ond Star Trek episode feature one Charlie X. now, i, myself, am no Star Trek buff or "Trekkie" - but i remember vividly Charlie X.

you see 14 years ago, during my freshman year at Asbury College, my roommate and i, bored one evening, huddled around my 9 inch black and white television to watch an episode of Star Trek... one of my roommate Steve's favorite shows.

it was the infamous Charlie X episode... i have never forgotten Charlie X.

why am i telling you this? i don't know? why does anybody share anything on a blog...

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Steve said...

There's a little Charlie X in all of us! I was listening to a college mix cd you made recently and see a huge need to put our college videos out on DVD for the sake of posterity. It would be a nice way to say HAPPY 10 YEAR REUNION. They may have to be edited but I want to hear Jer say he likes cheese more than girls.- Steve