Monday, October 02, 2006

looking for the baby in the cake

if you want to feel inspired sometimes you have to search, dig, root + till the earth. if you don't have a tractor, rake or shovel - this can be a difficult task.

in mid august i was on a plain... a high plain of imagination, inspiration, innovation. good things come in threes but after the music fades how long must one wait until either the reaper or the keeper returns?

in the time since the music of creativity that spins out of control in my brain faded. i was at peace. i was relaxed. that is the real reason why my blogging ceased. it was as if the reaper came and took away thought process in one fail swoop. but i did not mind. i needed a time of nothing. the relaxation experienced for one week in September was the most refreshing time for me ever. i came back to my reality relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. but in the time since - it has been a struggle to get the juices of creativity flowing... from mind to pen or keyboard or mouse.

and so with that God allowed me to be at my best... through it all, God pulled me up and placed me back on the plain. i was forced to rely on Him. in the past month - i have kicked off another year as Director of Youth Ministries... year 8 is underway and it is so fresh and so clean... it would put OutKast to shame. our ministry is more hands on this year... sub themes of contemplation, creativity and relationship building are on the forefront... embraced (thus far) by one and all. to God be the glory. we've already had intense study, discussion and challenge... and God is teaching me a new way... a month in to this, i am now realizing that God is teaching me a new way... a new way to be human, perhaps. i even preached last week and the words came... God provided... i was responsible enough to also notice the few, minute lapses... moments where the congregation would not notice - but where i noticed... places where i had under-prepared... under-studied... and in that moment - while preaching, God said "get in the word!" none the less, this new way of seeing things can only be attributed to God... and much of it can be traced back to that peak time of creative genius back in August.

so here i am today... trying to get back to my creative self. wanting to be inspired... wanting to be shown more and more 'new' things. and so i dig. it's time to get my hands dirty again.

it's time in my life to begin new habits. allow me to be blunt... a need to form a habit of 'digesting the Word'.

i need to live it, breathe it, eat it. i am clamoring for the scriptures to become alive again in me. this is the one instance in which a lack of digestion of the word will leave one with nothing but indigestion in the soul. i've had an upset stomach for a while now (figuratively) and only the Holy, living word of God will satisfy. [thank you to many - including my friend Eli for helping me to realize this].

they say it takes 21 days to make something a habit. less than 3 weeks ago, my wife and i joined the YMCA... since then - we have already made it a habit of running... at least 4 times a week. in the past 19 days i've ran 24 miles... (my wife has run 27 miles) it didn't take long for me to make running a habit. i am ready for the Word to become habit. i am ready for creativity to overcome my state of being.

there is a Mardi Gras tradition of baking a King Cake (a cake with a toy baby inside.) when cake is served, the person who gets the baby in their piece of cake is crowned king or queen and is honored with the ability to host next year's party. my friends, this life... this path that we are on... this journey is all about being crowned King or Queen... only our reward is a heavenly party that can not be topped. we are all searching, digging longing to find that which elevates our hearts and minds. some are tempted to stop...others are enlightened to keep on keepin' on.

i have a dream... a dream for me, a dream for us. let the kingdom come. let the inspiration come. let the witnesses of all things heavenly unite to tell the story of Christ in new, creative, fresh, innovative, imaginative ways. may we put pen to paper, brush to the canvas, fingers to the keyboard... may the breathe of God inhabit His people. may the lost be found... may the fallen be lifted... are you ready for the journey?

enjoy Chiddingstone.
i'm back.


Jen said...

Great thoughts my love. glad to see you are back.

Krista said...

Hard to believe it's been 8 years. You have truly blessed my life in those years, keep up the great work. I know things can be tedious sometimes (at the worst of possible times, it seems) but if you keep your head up and your eyes focused on God, He WILL take care of you - and, everything will happen just as it should ... just have faith ...