Tuesday, October 24, 2006

[Autumn] + Everything After

Ohio. a great state. but at times like this, the only thing that keeps me here is Ohio State football. I remember in 5th grade our student teacher was finishing up at Ohio State... in one of our spelling tests the bonus word was 'Buckeye'. I just happened to be wearing an Ohio State Buckeyes shirt that day. The teacher caught me trying to look down at my shirt so that I would spell Buckeye correctly. She wouldn't let me look down. To this day - i will never spell Buckeye wrong. I learned the hard way. Had i cheated, i may still not know how to correctly spell it.

but alas, what is the time like this that i referred to in line one of this post? it's our weather. We have gone from Summer right to winter. Autumn has been skipped over... forgotten like a red-headed step child at a rest stop along I-77. frankly, it blows (literally) outside. It's blustery, miserable, uncomfortable. No time for humans to adjust to climate change.

It snowed yesturday. what gives?

I hope it warms up before Saturday - as I am running in a 5k race. I speak this like it's a big deal. It's only 3.1 miles, but it's a big deal for me... It is a goal I've set and i want to accomplish it. in the past 5 weeks i've ran 50 miles. it feels good to be active. I'm not so sure how good it'll be to be active...outside... when it's 35 degrees... with a rain/snow mix smacking me in the face.

i have a lot more to write about... i will get to that later - when time allows... as for now - enjoy
Decoder Ring.

man, i'm glad i stumbled upon this band...

thanks to eMusic.

review of Fractions.

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*Tegan* said...

good luck with the race! You will probably be so worked up that you won't notice the freezing temps. But hopefully it will warm up some and be sunny for a good race!