Tuesday, October 24, 2006

[Autumn] + Everything After

Ohio. a great state. but at times like this, the only thing that keeps me here is Ohio State football. I remember in 5th grade our student teacher was finishing up at Ohio State... in one of our spelling tests the bonus word was 'Buckeye'. I just happened to be wearing an Ohio State Buckeyes shirt that day. The teacher caught me trying to look down at my shirt so that I would spell Buckeye correctly. She wouldn't let me look down. To this day - i will never spell Buckeye wrong. I learned the hard way. Had i cheated, i may still not know how to correctly spell it.

but alas, what is the time like this that i referred to in line one of this post? it's our weather. We have gone from Summer right to winter. Autumn has been skipped over... forgotten like a red-headed step child at a rest stop along I-77. frankly, it blows (literally) outside. It's blustery, miserable, uncomfortable. No time for humans to adjust to climate change.

It snowed yesturday. what gives?

I hope it warms up before Saturday - as I am running in a 5k race. I speak this like it's a big deal. It's only 3.1 miles, but it's a big deal for me... It is a goal I've set and i want to accomplish it. in the past 5 weeks i've ran 50 miles. it feels good to be active. I'm not so sure how good it'll be to be active...outside... when it's 35 degrees... with a rain/snow mix smacking me in the face.

i have a lot more to write about... i will get to that later - when time allows... as for now - enjoy
Decoder Ring.

man, i'm glad i stumbled upon this band...

thanks to eMusic.

review of Fractions.

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Anonymous said...

good luck with the race! You will probably be so worked up that you won't notice the freezing temps. But hopefully it will warm up some and be sunny for a good race!