Monday, October 30, 2006

5k and indian summer

On Saturday, I ran in my first 5k race (3.1 miles). Back in early September my wife wanted to take up running again - so we saved up and bought her the Nike Air + running shoes that can be synced with your iPod. A sensor is placed in the shoe and the iPod tracks your distance, times & splits. Being the stat freak that I am I was immediately jealous. Knowing that I needed to become more physically fit, I decided I just might take up running as well. We soon joined the YMCA and challenged each other to see who could run the most miles in a month (I won!) I found out that a 5k was coming up and decided to register.

The race was part of Mount Union College's homecoming weekend. The morning of the race looked grim. It was dark, raining, windy and cold. At race time it was 38 degrees.

I was a noticable rookie at this race... I didn't have the proper running attire - I did go out and buy one of those skin tight shirts that looked like it was a toddlers shirt... I brought it home, tried it on... and thought not... But alas, I went through with the race. Despite only really 'training' indoors on a treadmill - I was able to get into the 'zone' and the elements didn't really bother me. I actually got a little hot. An older gentleman ran beside me for much of the race... By race end I had passed 7 or 8 people and the old man (I think his name was Roger - he received a loud ovation from supporters once we entered the stadium for the final 200 meters) and I were neck and neck. Roger passed me and put on the burners. I remember thinking "oh man - I can't get beat by a senior citizen". I gave it my all and passed him at the line and came in 75th place (out of 200 or so). My time was 28:14, close to my fastest 5k time. My goal was to finish in under 30 minutes, so I kind of surprised myself. I did feel a little guilty (almost) for passing that old guy - especially because I'm pretty sure he was just jogging. Either way, it wa sa little odd to rejoice in beating someone twice my age... But hey - I was really just glad to complete a goal. I just might run in another race on Thanksgiving morning.

Later that day - we witnessed a rarety... a thunder-snow storm. Yup... lightning, Thunder, Wind... SNOW! What a day.

And now it is two days later and it is currently 71 degrees. We took the kids to the park for some shenanigans and energy burning. Here is a picture that my wife took. It was a tough picture to get - seeing that we had to ask the two guys mowing their lawn behind me to stop and pose as well.


Anonymous said...

For those serious runners I have heard that there is a product called Glide that helps against chaffing. You can apply it to your areas and it helps against rashes. I asked about this further and come to find out that most runners tend to get rashes on their bung holes because all of the friction. I didn't believe it at first but this comes from a reliable source so I am taking it for what it is. steve

Anonymous said...

you had me at hello.

Anonymous said...

i am proud of you old man ;)