Tuesday, October 17, 2006

disgrace, defeat...

Main Entry: disgrace
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle French, from Old Italian disgrazia, from dis- (from Latin) + grazia grace, from Latin gratia -- more at GRACE
1 a : the condition of one fallen from grace or honor b : loss of grace, favor, or honor
2 : a source of shame disgrace> disgrace to the profession>

It made me sick to see what the University of Miami football team did yet again. Yeah, i know, Florida International had a hand in the melay that took place in the third quarter of their football game last Saturday night, but fighting is nothing new for the Hurricanes of Miami. The 'U' is nothing short of a stain on college sports. This is their third such altercation in a year. Who is running the program down there in South Florida? [watch fight here]. Yeah, so the two schools are cross-town rivals... sort of. Yeah - there was some smack talk, but when players come out using their helmets as weapons (one FIU player actually used his crutch to hit people) something drastic needs to be done.

At first it was just one game suspensions for players involved... now most of those suspentions have become indefinite. if i were President of U of M - i'd pull the football program off the field for the rest of the season. No excuse for such behavior. Sportsmanship is a lost art, apparently.

Main Entry: 2defeat
Function: noun
1 : frustration by nullification or by prevention of success defeat in the game>

i felt really bad for the Arizona Cardinals last night. I don't know why... it's not as though they are my favorite team or anything. But they have suffered such heartache for ages. The last two weeks has seen the Cards blow 14+ point leads only to lose the game in the 4th quarter. Last nights loss to the undefeated Bears was particularly painful as the Bears could only muster 3 points on offense, but 2 TD's on defense and 1 on special teams. Chicago scored two TD's in the last 5 minutes but Arizona had one last chance. Matt Leinart (who i think will turn out to be a star in the NFL) led the Cards down the field - and put his team in position to win the game on a 40 yard field goal... alas, the kick was missed... Bears win. The Cardinals have so much potential... but they need an Offensive line desparately.

Now we get to hear about how great the Bears are for two more weeks... they have a bye week coming up.

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