Thursday, February 02, 2006


7:21 am: i hate my alarm clock.

7:35 am: i am at war with it this morning.

7:51am: that noise is horrifying

8:16am: o.k. i'm up. i hope your happy.

8:01am it's a good thing my alarm clock is set 15 minutes ahead.

8:02am mmmmmm.... hot shower. me likey. me wakey.

8:17am what to wear... i think i've gotta go with my favorite Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt. is that appropriate to wear to the office? who cares. i'm wearing it. i could wear it with dress shoes... that'll make it o.k.

8:26am i should be getting ready to go to the office - so as to arrive there by 8:30am - but i am in no hurry today... it's my birthday.

8:30am i am glad i recorded Conan O'Brien on my DVR last night. it is his annual State of the Show address. this show is so stupid at times, but it is that good kind of stupid. he is a genious, that Conan is. Oh good. He made reference to himself looking like Finnish President Tarja Halonen . I think he helped her get elected. Conan - you just might rewrite Finnish history!

Jeff Probst, host of Survivor is on. I love Surviror... can't wait for it to start tonight! Wow, Conan is huge... he is towering over Probst. ha
ha. Jeff is telling a story about how he peed on an electric fence. ouch.

Now Jim Gaffigan is on tonight. He is the main reason i taped Conan. Gaffigan is probably my favorite comedian right now.

9:01am off to work. i can't believe Jen has me eating Yogurt every morning. I've found that Vanilla Yogurt with Kix sprinkled on top is pretty good.

9:15am a quick check of the news tells me that
Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow - which means 6 more weeks of Winter.

9:34am i'm working now. yeah. this is fun. Johnny Cash is playing on my iPod. it's a good day. i am reading parts of David Crowder's Praise Habit this morning. I like to start every morning at work with some sort of study. I am also reading 12 Days with Jesus by Tony Jones. i really like that book... very enlightening. I heard a podcast interview with Tony Jones the other day. The interviewer was ripping him a new one.

10:19am A Boy Named Sue is playing. Johnny Cash... what a story teller...

11:04am it's 41 degrees. do you know where your children are?

11:05am there comes a time in one's life where one mask ask oneself one of two questions:
QUESTION ONE - How will you respond when a childhood hero turns to drugs? Today, at this moment, my birthday took a tragic turn. Friends, Jody Sweetin, the cute little Stephanie Tanner from tv's Full House has turned to drugs. The dark jungle of addiction has overtaken one our America's most celebrated heroes. The lod addage goes like this: Just Say No. I always thought it was saying no to drugs. Apparently it should be 'just say no to being a child actor.'

QUESTION TWO: What Would Britney do? duh... these questions, i ponder every day.

12:04pm you know, the Steelers are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, right? well here is today's STEELERS FACT. (courtesy of my wife).

12:15pm as Johnny Cash sang about pickin cotton in the fields with mother and brother (today has been deemed by me a Johnny Cash day of music) i read DAY 9 of 12 Days with Jesus. LUKE 9:23-27 is a bit of a paradox. Jesus has a way with speaking in paradoxical ways. "Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it..."
How can I lay down my life? How can I lose it? What do I stand to gain in return? I've been thinin' 'bout that for a few minutes now...

12:35pm I came home for lunch... gave Micah a bath so that Jen could go to the grocery store. my leftovers from yesturday's meal @ Friday's was tasty. Cold Pizza played on the Tele... they talked about the Super Bowl. Woody Paige & Skip Bayless got all mixed up talking about the greatest Super Bowl teams ever. they needed me to correct there mistakes... i don't like to brag but... ahem... there aint to many folks who could top me in a super bowl trivia challenge... ahem..

1:32pm walking back to work i noticed some sort of girls leotard laying in the parking lot.

1:52pm am i writing this blog in first person, past or present tense? i don't think i know.
Present Tense. a song by Pearl Jam.

3:15pm song number 86 of 104 Johnny Cash songs is played. i'm playing his 4 disc box set.

4:14pm up in the youth lounge area me and some of the guys watched Judge Judy. you would never wanna mess with her... she is viscious. some people are idiots, too... the lies they tell... she can see right through 'em. She's like a superhero or something.

4:41pm While loading the pop machine, i find something taht i told my wife had been missing or lost. it was a bunch of scrapbooking supplies that the girls in the youth group use when my wife leads scrapbooking activities. last Nov. she needed the supplies, as some of the girls were going to be making cards or something pretty or whatever it is that they make. she had to root through her own stuff and even go out and buy new supplies because i couldn't find the other stuff. We'll today i found it, behind a bunch of 12 packs of Vanilla Coke. opps. I just told her about it... she called me a DORK but i told her i get a free pass because it's my birthday.

4:51pm while typing the last comment, i realized how sad i am because they will no longer be making Vanilla Coke. i love the stuff. i actually have now come up with my own home recipe for Vanilla Cola. so i guess it's not that bad. except for the guy who loves Vanilla Coke but doesn't know how to make a home recipe. to bad for him.

4:53pm hey, if you ever fall off the top of a really tall building, try to remain real limp because then maybe someone on the ground will look up and see you. they might think you are a dummy and then try and catch you... because hey, free dummy.

5:20pm before starting our youth Bible study lesson on Genesis ch. 10 & 11, i challenged the youth attending to stump me on trivia relating to the Super Bowl. earlier, a friend of mine (Fritz) asked me if a QB had ever won a Super Bowl with a beard. of course, this year, Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger has been sporting a beard. i knew of at least two QB's who had a full beard and lead their team to victory in the Super Bowl... one was Steeler Terry Bradshaw (a childhood hero of mine) and another was Ken Stabler (who quarterbacked the Oakland Raiders to victory in Super Bowl XI).

So my youth were given a challenge: give me 10 questions - if i don't get 8 of them correct, you'll all get a prize of your choice. So the questions came and went... only one stumped me... what date was the date of Super Bowl IV... i know now it was Jan. 11, 1970. So they knew my weekness and started asking me the actual dates of certain Super Bowls... i still got them right. Someone asked when was Super Bowl XX played. i remembered that it took place 2 days prior to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster - which was on Jan. 28th, 1986... we honored the 20th anniversary of that tragedy... so i then knew that Super Bowl XX took place on Jan. 26th, 1986. Yeah, i know Super Bowl trivia like other 'normal' people know math... but hey, that's what calculators are for.

6:25pm Heading home... work is done. ready for a nice b-day meal and some yellow cake with choc. icing. num num!

7:15pm mmmm. food. dinner = gooood. i love rice. i could eat it every day.

7:33pm micah helped me blow out the candles. we had to blwo them out twice so that we could make sure we got a good picture of it. if it were up to micah - we would have been able to blow 'em out many more times.

the cake was yummy, by the way.

8:00pm Survivor is coming on. it's the new season premiere. Survivor is a guity pleasure. not ashmaned. i watch American Idol, too so booyah. anybody remember the band Survivor? they sang that Eye of the tiger song. What would Rocky be without that song?

8:44pm my eyes are sleepy. it's my birthday and i'm getting sleepy at 8:44. i must be getting old.

9:30pm micah is up to bed... wonderful stories will be told. i think i inhereted the ability to make up good stories. my dad was very gifted in that area.

9:54pm i am not sure - but i think i am a horrible speller. deal with it. it's my birthday... i get a pass.

9:55pm i think this will be my last blog entry of today, my birthday, number 32 and counting. Sigur Ros is now playing... it is bliss... Jen got me a few things for my birthday...

Vegas Movie Studio video editing software... i have so many projects i can't wait to begin editing!

a couple of Ohio State Buckeyes football DVD's.

a shirt

a framed picture of the kids for my office

i love my wife and my family so much... i am thankful for them and for all that they did for me. Addie is a doll and is so prescious. Micah is a gem... he lights up the room that is for sure... Jen is a total hottie who is so special to me... she completes me... she is me... i love her so much. thank you all for making my birthday special.



Jen said...

awww- i am so glad you had a happy birthday! I love you sweetie and can't wait to spend many more birthdays with you :)

Jen said...

oh by the way- very enjoyable post :) it was fun to be in your mind for a day ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Tim! I know I am about 20 min. late. But I meant to come here all day and wish you one! I swear!
Looks like you had a good day! Great reading everything in order and the exact time!! Do take notes throughout your day? I should do this because half the time I don't remember.
Happy Birthday again! Glad that you had a good one!