Thursday, February 09, 2006

bottled water

i guess buying and drinking bottled water is bad. oops. that is one thing my family is addicted to. we go the cheap route, though. a flat of 32 bottles of water can be purchased @ Sam;s Club for about $3.50. we might go through 2 flats a month. so we spend $7 a month and $84 a year on bottled water.

why do i drink bottled water?
  • it's handy.
  • Louisville water is filled with lime (and i'm not talking the fruit)
  • it can be taken on the go.
  • did i mention that it's handy?
  • it has a cap so it can't be spilled.
well, i feel little guilt for drinking bottled water... at least i recycle. that is something i am quite proud of... we recycle so take that.

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