Thursday, February 09, 2006

post Super Bowl thoughts...

well i rewatched the game on TUESDAY night. let me just say this: all of you Seattle fans and Steeler haters lay off the whole 'we got screwed by the officials' crap. would you like some cheese with your whine? and Mike Holmgren - lots of class there - saying 'we knew we were gonna have to take on teh Steelers - we didn't know we were gonna have to take on the guys in stripes, too.'... oh and even more class here Mike - were was your post game hand shake? i used to think you were a respectible coach... not anymore.

i watched Inside the NFL last night and they explained why some of the penalties were called... turns out the refs got it right... the only big questionable call was when Hasslebeck got flagged for an illegal block after he threw that INT.

Darrell Jackson extended his arm in his 'push off'. even though it was weak... he was right in front of the official when he did it... you can push off with your legs , hips or forearm, just not your hand or an exteneded arm.

oh, and nobody is talking about this but Seattle got lucky on two calls that should have been ruled fumbles but were ruled incomplete (one was J. Stevens, who took three steps and turned after catching a ball before dropping it; another was TE Ryan Hannom... he took two steps and made a 'football move' and then dropped it... it was also called an incomplete pass.)

anyway - it feels great to see my team win the big game... next it has to be the Cleveland Indians. Go Tribe!

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Jen said...

you go Tim!