Wednesday, February 15, 2006

fudge fudge call the judge

i feel like i haven't slept in days. i'm so sick and tired of this feeling inside.

it's 1 part exaustion 2 parts sleepy. funny thing is, it's not like i'm so extremely busy and that is what is causing it... it's mainly because i have a hard time going to bed early.

one night it's staying up late watching a movie. another night i'm up late downloading music from iTunes or eMusic.

what the wtf.

i'd love to take some time off to 'catch up' but i can't... don't have time... work to be done... but i can't consentrate because i am exhausted... i thought i got a good amount of sleep last night, btw. went to bed @ 12:30ish... alarm went off at 7... rolled out @ 7:30ish.

oh, and my thumb hurts because i don't type correctly... mrs. rodgers won't be proud of me... she taught me better but i was too busy playing Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego.

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