Thursday, February 02, 2006

32 candles

i'm not a fan of candles. actually, when it comes to candles i'm a bit indifferent. candles are fine until they burn something. regardless, i suppose today is a day in which candles could play a role in my daily activity.

jen is making a yellow cake with chocolate icing. my fav.

so i am excited. later, my plan is this: come home after leading Youth Bible Study, eat some Brocalli, Chicken & Rice, followed by a night of must-see-tv: Survivor, My Name is Earl, The Office & then ER.

I plan on posting my b-day exploits later.


so briefly let me explain, like instructions to a game, the events that took place yesturday - in which the afternoon was spent celebrating my b-day.

my parents gave me a wonderful present: an afternoon of babysitting. so jen and i went to Friday's and ordered enough food for four, aparently. we brought home 4 containers full, including cheescake. i love me some new york cheesecake - even though the Friday's cheesecake looks & tastes exactly like a thinly sliced piece of Sara Lee's New York style cheesecake. Yet, Friday's charges me a 5 spot for it and i'm dumb enough to shell it out. but it was mighty good.

we went to Movies 10 to see Walk the Line after that. it was a great movie. i'm a big Johnny Cash fan. Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix did a wonderful job. they did all their own vocals and they sounded good. About halfway through the movie, i dropped my smuggled in bottle of water... it began to roll doen the slanted floor... it hit this guy in front of me who was older and had a cane. he must of kicked it around and used his cane, it looked, to fight it off. his wife, who i believe was hard of hearing - since she was constantly saying "what'd they say?", payed no mind to the racket her husband was having with my water bottle on the sticky floor of the movie theater. After the movie, i found the bottle resting right in front of the woman.

after rescuing the bottle (why is it that i'd care so much for a bottle of water? well it was nearly full...) we headed home to my mom & dad's for supper... then i had to hurry home to go to a meeting i had at the church.

when i got home finally around 10pm, i put micah to bed, telling him the story of Zacchaeus
and Jesus. i love reading and telling Micah bible stories. He likes to add his own things into the story. last week, Jesus not only fed the 5000, he made sure to feed the birds. oh, and Dora was there with a red baloon. Jesus likes red baloons.

after that, i began to watch The Thin Red Line which is slow at parts (my tired eyes were droopy at times) but is cinematically beautiful. i got about halfway through the film then had to go to bed.

it was a good day.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday my sweet man! Love ya!

Shannon Bieger said...

Happy, happy birthday Tim!!!