Thursday, March 16, 2006

of randomness and basketball et all

1. "lately i've had the strangest feeling." that Melissa McGhee has no right to sing Stevie Wonder... adios American Idol contestant #12... yeah, i watch Idol. so do you. don't hide it. it's an addiction... like nicotine... and we all wish we could filter out Paula & Ryan but we are stuck on the hard stuff... so i (we) embrace it all. Idol will consume our hearts and minds until the end of May.

2. last night Martha Stewart was on Conan... she was teaching him to cook traditional Irish foods for St. Patrick's Day. now, my wife is watching Martha's daytime show. Martha is showing her how to cookl french fries. now she wants THIS. i do love french fries. possibly my favorite food. homemade french fries. they are yummy.

3. a friend once told me that her mom told her that one should enjoy a tasty hamburger at least once a week. i like that rule. nothing goes better with a burger than some tasty fries. much like Pit from Pulp Fiction "I do enjoy a tasty burger."


Sam L. Jackson: Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

4. love and basketball. that was a movie that i didn't see and probably will never see, but i do have much love for basketball come march. the Madness begins today at 12:10pm. the next three weeks, my life will be consumed by basketball and by editing this video called 40 HOURS that i am making with my youth... so who do you have in your brackets?

my FINAL 4: Duke. Kansas. Boston College. UConn.

it's tough this year, though... the entire tournament is wide open. this will make it fun to watch.

5. eMusic is wonderful. i found some good stuff on there - like some old Violet Burning and The Appleseed Cast as well as The Lassie Foundation. Tuesday night, I finally spent my $25 iTunes gift card that i had gotten for christmas. i ended up buying...

i'm not sure why i bougth this album. good stuff... not the greatest but there are some really good, 5 star songs on it.

the othe album i bought...

The American Analog Set...

i really like these guys... it's like mellow gold. it's rich and pure.
On their sixth full-length, SET FREE, Texas band American Analog Set doesn't deviate much from their usual shimmering, understated indie pop. But that is not to say that the album isn't full of aural delights. Simple song structures are offset by breezy, clicking rhythms and floating, ethereal guitar lines, while singer Andrew Kenny croons in an intimate whisper. Droning fuzz tones, cool vibraphone, and the production touches of studio hand Chris Michaels make this a familiar yet totally satisfying outing for the AAS.

6. my mom got an iPod. what is up with that. now she is cooler than me except that her ancient computer has less gigs than her 30 gig iPod. i am jeleous of my mom.

7. enjoy Odessa, Texas. i am. my goal of reading one book in 2006 is halfway completed.

8. post script: I HATE MICE. saw one in the garage... how long until he makes it into our home?

i now i have typos... so what./... it's not as though i claim to be a rocket scientist. although i am sure that there are some rocket scientists who don't spell well. so chew on that my peeps.



Jen said...

very very very random! LOL

Anonymous said...

The blog looks good!