Tuesday, March 28, 2006

of randomness and basketball et all [b]pt. deux[/b]

who was George Mason and why should i care? the author of the Bill of Rights? sure. but more importanly, Patriot George Mason is the name of the University that made it to the Final Four by defeating powerhouse Connecticut on Sunday afternoon. you may not think much of such a victory for the Patriots of GMU - but I assure you that this collosal victory is the greatest upset in the history of the NCAA basketball tournament: the best colligiate sporting event and second best overall sporting event in the world (sorry, the Super Bowl reigns supreme.) You can't help but root for the underdog all throughout this event. screw your brackets (i'm tied for last place, by the way - my wife is in first). brackets don't compare to the pure joy of watching a mid-major defeat a dominant team from a dominant conference. as you can see, my final four predictions were not exactly correct... it's probably the first time ever that i didn't predict at least one final four team - but ask me if i care. the answer is no.

in other news: my friend Brian finally got hitched this past weekend. it was good to be there for him and his new wife Heather... also good to see friends Allan, Fritz & Shawn and their wives.

i've been hard at work editing a video called 40 HOURS.

Jen and i have been watching this new show on HBO called Big Love - about a polygimous mormon and his three wives. why we watch? i don't know - but it is compelling and his 2nd wife Nicki - played by Chloƫ Sevigny is a very difficult character to like. i really find myself not only detesting the character but the actress also. sorry Chloƫ. nothing personal.

i ate a lot of pizza this weekend.

i have nothing else to share at this time.

you've been great. Enjoy The Innocence Mission.

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Jen said...

i woulda thunk college bowl games be #2. whoda thunk MM would sneak in there?