Tuesday, March 21, 2006

THE TEN: spring observations

I want to start a column that I hope will appear regularly on my blog... It'll be a series of TOP TEN lists and what not... I like lists and I want to share them with you. Oh yeah... These lists may be very random and often times pointless.

THE TEN: spring observations
10. Spring in Ohio circa 2006 looks just like winter in Ohio circa 2006.
9. It hasn't stopped snowing, nor has it started... Most of our snow came in the Fall.
8. It's spring. Can we stop talking about Iraq yet?
7. I'm in last place in my NCAA tournament pool. My wife is in first.
6. I should probably set some goals for the spring.
5. goal #1: no more visits to StatCare or the ER or the doctors office until November for me and my family. In the past three months the following has happened:
  • StatCare visits: 3 (Micah & Addison - ear infection/congestion; jen - tonsillitis; Tim: allergies)
  • Doctors visits: 4 (Micah had another ear infection, Addison had bronchitis [2 visits], Tim got treated for allergies)
  • ER visits: 1 (Addison had to get an x-ray of her chest - they thought it was pneumonia)
4. Rekindling my hobbies is a must this spring. I really need to edit more video with my new Sony Vegas Video Platinum Edition video editing software. We have almost 40 hours of video that has been shot of our family and the kids since DEC. of 2001. I need to edit together some of it ASAP!
3. It's time to get in shape. I need to start going on walks, doing push ups and/or sit ups.
2. Relaxation and spring should go hand in hand.
1. Spring is a sign of new life. New life is a blessing. It's time that I start to cherish my life and all that God has blessed me with. Having fun is not an option, it is a must.

you've been great. Enjoy Veer.


Jen said...

Cool Cool Thoughts Tim boy. Thanks :)

Lindsay said...

i totally agree with your list-especially #1!!! oh and #3 too!